RC Helicopter Battle | Dude Perfect


First RC cars, then RC planes, and now.. RC HELICOPTERS!! Another incredible DP Battle!
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  • Charlie Pletcher
    Charlie Pletcher5 timer siden

    Plastic Golf Battle 2?

  • almagoh
    almagoh5 timer siden

    Every trick shots have a different size. BIG!!!! Or small.

  • almagoh
    almagoh5 timer siden

    make 'huge ping pong trick shots" and "tiny ping pong trick shots" for me!

  • almagoh
    almagoh5 timer siden

    can you make me "tape trick shots"?

  • CN Power
    CN Power5 timer siden

    I'm from Sri Lanka😀😁

  • Ambili M S
    Ambili M S6 timer siden

    Why didn't you upload the new video

    H S N GAMERS7 timer siden

    Love you guys please support my channel

  • Ryker Hofler
    Ryker Hofler7 timer siden

    You should do Soccer stereotypes next

  • bé sala
    bé sala8 timer siden

    In my opinion, you should let the Vietnamese subtitles know what you say. I'm Vietnamese nam

  • Souffyaan Adamjee
    Souffyaan Adamjee8 timer siden

    Cory soo funny🤣🤣😂😂❤

  • Tuned
    Tuned8 timer siden

    Whhen is there gonna be anymore rc car stuff if there is

  • Lincoln Alger
    Lincoln Alger9 timer siden

    I’m on Tyler’s team all the way

  • Xxocto boyxX
    Xxocto boyxX10 timer siden

    This Chanel is my child hood

    YUVG CLAN10 timer siden


  • James Alldredge
    James Alldredge10 timer siden

    Hi Dude perfect as a birthday present from my parents I am going to go see The Dude Purfect 2021 Tour I am really excited to see you guys I just want to share that with you guys because you guys are the best 😀

  • Abby Summers

    Abby Summers

    8 timer siden


  • James Alldredge

    James Alldredge

    10 timer siden

    O sorry it is the one at Fort Worth

  • CreamsicleAnimations
    CreamsicleAnimations10 timer siden

    Tall guy. 4 life and yes there is people out there

  • Jessica LeMoine
    Jessica LeMoine10 timer siden

    Who here just reads comments just for the memes

  • TheJackGaming !
    TheJackGaming !10 timer siden


  • Pulse Gaming
    Pulse Gaming10 timer siden

    Who else got tickets to their show but got it canceled because of the virus

  • Dylan Wang
    Dylan Wang11 timer siden


  • Vauxi
    Vauxi11 timer siden

    Bring back the song money run low by the score

  • J G
    J G11 timer siden

    Kobe Bryant disapproves

  • Dave Hall
    Dave Hall12 timer siden

    Dude Perfect will always be perfect

  • COD Master
    COD Master13 timer siden

    The Intro never gets Old

  • Issac Daniels
    Issac Daniels14 timer siden

    When is RC car trick shots 2 coming out

  • Eslam yous
    Eslam yous14 timer siden

    I love it

  • Adam Mk
    Adam Mk14 timer siden

    Lets gooooooo Byby

  • Peter Berg
    Peter Berg15 timer siden

    Wtf was this

    GAMING THUGS16 timer siden

    I wish who saw this comment there parents will live for 100 years 😍

    SYEDTHEGAMERS6316 timer siden

    Wow! I am always amazed by your stuff.

  • Awesome HLD
    Awesome HLD16 timer siden

    How does it feel being passed by Mr.Beast?

    BOGUS16 timer siden

    Perfect video. 👌-I can only imagine the lifestyles these dudes live ahh'so jelly !! 😆 but for real keep up the great content

  • z filho
    z filho16 timer siden

    Sou BRAZIL

  • Kevin That Cook
    Kevin That Cook17 timer siden

    Collab with Mr Beast

  • 亗ZexVo
    亗ZexVo18 timer siden

    RC Boat Battle

  • Senada Selimi
    Senada Selimi18 timer siden


  • Wilson Machado
    Wilson Machado18 timer siden

    awfull helicopeter to control and fly, its indoor helicoepters

  • Zayed Khan
    Zayed Khan18 timer siden

    I am excited to see the get crafty

  • Zayed Khan
    Zayed Khan18 timer siden

    Pls do a ot

  • Girl 220
    Girl 22018 timer siden

    Sick love this

  • Eren_ Yt
    Eren_ Yt18 timer siden

    There is nothing that dude perfect didnt do. Change my mind

  • tamia deck
    tamia deck19 timer siden

    eggg tosss pt2

  • ملح ؤر
    ملح ؤر19 timer siden


  • Captain Larkspur
    Captain Larkspur19 timer siden

    So wait.... yall started in College Station? Pretty cool

  • Sasmitha Weerasinghe
    Sasmitha Weerasinghe19 timer siden

    No RC helicopters were harmed during the making of this video!

  • GoldBrixProductions
    GoldBrixProductions19 timer siden

    Next overtime you should bring back fanmail

  • 536gaming
    536gaming19 timer siden

    The mouse got caught in 4k :)

  • jenberglund
    jenberglund20 timer siden

    YOU GUYS LITERALLY MAKE THE BEEEEEEEEST VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. Conner
    Mrs. Conner20 timer siden


  • jenberglund
    jenberglund20 timer siden

    I love ur vids

  • Dina Fuselier
    Dina Fuselier20 timer siden

    After all these years who else has still ben wondering who panda is?🐼

  • Sujal Raj
    Sujal Raj20 timer siden

    Extreme weather should be back

  • BK Ignacio600
    BK Ignacio60020 timer siden

    when i watched them first time they just have 2.2M subs :OO now 55M :OOOO

  • Elizabeth Del-Rio
    Elizabeth Del-Rio21 time siden

    Volleyball stereotypes?

  • Harshvardhan varma
    Harshvardhan varma21 time siden

    So cool

  • Harshvardhan varma

    Harshvardhan varma

    21 time siden


  • Benji davis
    Benji davis22 timer siden

    Finally Mr beast beat them in subs

  • Teddy Hill

    Teddy Hill

    18 timer siden

    no they didn’t they have 55.5 mil and Mrbeast has 60 mil

  • Bloodmadness [GD]
    Bloodmadness [GD]22 timer siden

    Dude perfect never get old and they have been doing this for a long time

  • Mamta Gupta
    Mamta Gupta22 timer siden

    Hey that drone man could do that much better

  • TacaZ 2.0
    TacaZ 2.023 timer siden


  • A-dUb
    A-dUb23 timer siden

    *KNOCK KNOCK* “Who’s there?” “DOGE!” “DOGE WHO?!” “DOGE TO THE MOON!!”

  • khám phá Campuchia
    khám phá Campuchia23 timer siden


  • Gage Seymour
    Gage Seymour23 timer siden

    Where’s Panda?

  • Nishant Saini
    Nishant Saini23 timer siden

    would you make a video with LEGO like lego trick shots

  • fox 94
    fox 94Dag siden

    56M here we go

  • Milo Conrad
    Milo ConradDag siden

    I got a great idea do a Upredictable Real Life Trick Shots

  • Ed Holt
    Ed HoltDag siden

    Love your game

  • Black Crow
    Black CrowDag siden

    I live in Ukraine

  • Black Crow
    Black CrowDag siden

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    mac mac seyerDag siden

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    I'm noobDag siden

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  • sibani nritya kala kendra
    sibani nritya kala kendraDag siden


  • Yeet09
    Yeet09Dag siden

    I have a full carbon fibre version of the RC helicopter that you used in challenge 1 the blade 120 s2

  • Karla May De Villa
    Karla May De VillaDag siden

    i love this video

  • Fathan Rizaldi
    Fathan RizaldiDag siden

    Ramadhan Kareem Everyone!

  • Fathan Rizaldi

    Fathan Rizaldi

    Dag siden


  • Total on Mobile tech
    Total on Mobile techDag siden

    Hi everyone

  • Cason Collins
    Cason CollinsDag siden

    i don’t think we care about anything more than you finishing the ostrich egg dropping thing from OT

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew ClarkeDag siden

    Hey guys can u pls do a church stereotypes

  • Zack St.Pierre
    Zack St.PierreDag siden


  • Runa Khan
    Runa KhanDag siden

    নুতনএকটি ভিডিও ছারেন

  • BarnII B
    BarnII BDag siden

    Here’s an idea why don’t you do trick shots with one of the oldest toys but most enjoyable ones. Bayblades?

  • John Denver Obado
    John Denver ObadoDag siden

    plz do the coilz trick shot from Philippines

    SOLO GAMINGDag siden

    Mr cody

  • Mr Isaac
    Mr IsaacDag siden

    I'm part of team tall guy, i have to be i'm 6'4

  • SHADOW_X 77
    SHADOW_X 77Dag siden

    You should make archery steoryotypes

  • Gaming with Gavin
    Gaming with GavinDag siden

    you almost lost subscribers

  • Bryan Carrillo
    Bryan CarrilloDag siden

    Hey dude perfect what’s up I loved those awesome trick shots and some awesome battles y’all made it was off the roof and I especially liked the nerf bow and arrow it’s cool

  • Cody Cook
    Cody CookDag siden

    In the next OT y’all should do Top 10 Country Songs

  • Tim Atkinson Jr
    Tim Atkinson JrDag siden

    When is the next DP video

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    Alvin AnjaDag siden

    Pleaseee guys subtitle Indonesia

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    Trevor BeckenhauerDag siden

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    Mohammad AbdulmuqeetDag siden

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    Asher WeaverDag siden

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    Aditya Putra SugihartoDag siden

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    Drew BryantDag siden

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    Chase MillerDag siden

    I remember when my friend told me about y’all a long time ago