Egg Drop Challenge featuring GIANT OSTRICH EGGS! Wives vs. Chad returns along with a brand new segment, HACK ATTACK!
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Thanks for watching #Overtime25
Intro: 0:00
Wheel Unfortunate: 0:37
Get Crafty: 06:00
Wives vs. Chad: 13:49
Hack Attack: 20:26
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect27 dager siden

    Leave your "we miss Cool Not Cool" comments here 🙄 Guys...it's not dead it's just on vacation come onnnnnnn 😹

  • Idkwhatthisisfor Plzhelp

    Idkwhatthisisfor Plzhelp

    3 dager siden

    Next time wear masks bc corona

  • Tadne Rose

    Tadne Rose

    4 dager siden

    We miss cool not cool

  • Reggie FN4898

    Reggie FN4898

    12 dager siden

    We miss cool not cool

  • SilentGuy YT

    SilentGuy YT

    21 dag siden

    Cool not cool I wish to see it



    21 dag siden

    We want cool not cool

  • Lolwhat Yet
    Lolwhat Yet5 timer siden

    Cory's balloons is going to be deflated at this rate

  • Jambu Pitaliya
    Jambu Pitaliya5 timer siden


  • RTS Mobile
    RTS Mobile7 timer siden

    I knew every question on the wives vs chad and I’m a girl 😂

  • JakeNotaTot
    JakeNotaTot9 timer siden

    Me looking at the thumbnail: what a chad man

  • rndl seven zildjian
    rndl seven zildjian9 timer siden

    When o.t 26 :(

  • Dash J
    Dash J10 timer siden

    Btw, how long Garrett had to get braced?

  • Lisa Higareda
    Lisa Higareda10 timer siden


  • Raven Oar
    Raven Oar10 timer siden

    garett is winning

  • The Dynamic Dachshunds
    The Dynamic Dachshunds10 timer siden

    Um. They were all awesome inventions...I personally think that either the one surrounded by balloons or the parachute one is going to win :)

  • Luis D Toores
    Luis D Toores11 timer siden


  • Kendall Claire
    Kendall Claire11 timer siden

    I have watched this video more than once since Dude perfect posted it but they have changed the name of this video about 5-6 times!!!!

  • The Korean Cowboy
    The Korean Cowboy11 timer siden

    I think Cory will won

  • Angel Boxell
    Angel Boxell11 timer siden

    We all want to 26 like if u agree

  • Angel Boxell

    Angel Boxell

    11 timer siden

    Correction ot 26

  • Charles Murphy
    Charles Murphy12 timer siden

    I love the rage monster who is this video please read monster

  • Qu!ji
    Qu!ji12 timer siden

    pls do more *voice box!* If you do not know what that is watch ot 8

  • William Wilkinson
    William Wilkinson13 timer siden

    The obsurd record you guys should do is the most bottle flips in 60 seconds

  • Dino Is Good
    Dino Is Good13 timer siden


  • Rayyaan Shaikna
    Rayyaan Shaikna14 timer siden

    I guess Cody will definitely win the BRING BACK OSTRICH EGG CHALLENGE

  • Spaghetti Sauce
    Spaghetti Sauce16 timer siden

    22:58 tall guy red shirt don’t know his name. Had like that Jim from the office impression

  • Marisa Boatner
    Marisa Boatner16 timer siden

    Hey I am your biggest fan my favorite is the gar love the way you’ll did this best one went

  • Lina Paola Pinzon Buitrago
    Lina Paola Pinzon Buitrago16 timer siden

    I think winning with flying colors (aka Cory) is going to win

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson17 timer siden

    I'm feeling Team Cory on this one

  • Vishnu Rayavarapu
    Vishnu Rayavarapu17 timer siden

    chad shoulda said chicken little. he loved baseball

  • divyansh vaswani
    divyansh vaswani17 timer siden

    We love cool not cool

  • divyansh vaswani
    divyansh vaswani17 timer siden

    I need get braces

  • Pete Golembeski
    Pete Golembeski17 timer siden

    The winner will be the one with the ballons I can't remeber what twin it is.

  • Stromedy.
    Stromedy.17 timer siden

    Garret or Cory are definitely gonna win the get crafty

  • Meachy1
    Meachy117 timer siden

    I like hiw they were able to get ty and wheel unfortunate host at the same time without seeing video mistakes.

  • Sambhav Rastogi
    Sambhav Rastogi18 timer siden

    cody or cory

  • Aldrick Darian
    Aldrick Darian19 timer siden

    I want to see an Wheel unfortunate hosted by Billy Buchcroft from the face off series

  • Aldrick Darian
    Aldrick Darian19 timer siden

    I want to see an Wheel unfortunate hosted by Billy Buchcroft

  • Siva Sangar A
    Siva Sangar A19 timer siden

    Y so much changes in the caption?

  • Leo Korth
    Leo Korth19 timer siden

    I would've said Rudy

  • Lucy Norville
    Lucy Norville20 timer siden

    Can u do world longest burb I LOVE ❤️ GUYS and can u PLEASE give a shot out to me it would mean a lot because My sister recently got COVID and I want to support her thx u guys are the best

  • Sowjanya Pathi
    Sowjanya Pathi20 timer siden


  • Kara Toornstra
    Kara Toornstra20 timer siden

    Hmm tied the twins

  • Isah Mohammed
    Isah Mohammed20 timer siden

    Wheres the fight scene I'm disappointed

  • Abdallah Abdelgawad
    Abdallah Abdelgawad21 time siden

    cory will win the get crafty in ot 26

    THE SERPENT22 timer siden


  • Travis Court
    Travis Court23 timer siden


  • Travis Court
    Travis Court23 timer siden


  • Gavin Baine
    Gavin Baine23 timer siden

    Ty gonna win

  • Hayden Blount
    Hayden Blount23 timer siden


  • Bobby Ginn
    Bobby Ginn23 timer siden

    I love u ty but I think Garry's got it because his has a flippin parichut so I feel like it would just glide down

  • Tory Brupbacher
    Tory Brupbacher23 timer siden

    I love it

  • Bus.fi
    Bus.fiDag siden

    Please panda face reveal

  • Master Magician
    Master MagicianDag siden

    We need cool not cool

  • Ciara Arnold
    Ciara ArnoldDag siden

    I think Garret is going to win in OT 26. Because not only is his contraption literary a parachute, I just feel bad for him because he had to get braces.

  • Jisha Johny
    Jisha JohnyDag siden

    wait whos ned if ty is on the show ?!?!?!?!

    WEED 4 DAYSDag siden

    do wheel unfortunate but the hat picks the one who doesnt need to spin the wheel and rest of you have to spin it

  • Armaan Yousafzai
    Armaan YousafzaiDag siden

    They should do the wheel unfortunate like only one goes and spins then only one will know what it is then they take a name

  • Agastya Anchan
    Agastya AnchanDag siden

    i think garetts gonna win

  • tejaan ramkumar
    tejaan ramkumarDag siden

    i support cory

  • IC
    ICDag siden

    parachute is gonna win at much higher drops i suppose

  • 3RDHR Throwback
    3RDHR ThrowbackDag siden


  • Ruan Oelofse
    Ruan OelofseDag siden

    Dude perfect can u please do the segment called Willeh do it Please

  • Joey Kessler
    Joey KesslerDag siden

    My prediction for the egg drop in OT 26: 1st: Garrett (because of the parachute) 2nd: Cody (he usually gets 2nd in get crafty and his design is basically ty's but better) 3rd: Cory (the balloons will probably pop) 4th: Tyler (I bet the egg will drop down and hit the ground) 5th: Coby (he almost got out a few times during this video)

  • Kojo Norman
    Kojo NormanDag siden

    Easter basket for the win

  • shark gaming
    shark gamingDag siden

    how many times are they going to change the title?

  • Infinity Net
    Infinity NetDag siden

    Ot 26 p hoser

  • jochatt 11
    jochatt 11Dag siden

    Cory and Cody are gonna tie

  • Xavier Salazar
    Xavier SalazarDag siden

    I think it will be TY

  • J B
    J BDag siden

    Plz sub to lukascraftboi plz

  • Aidan Shaw
    Aidan ShawDag siden

    Just don't pick Cory or Coby, meanies

  • Silas Wellenius
    Silas WelleniusDag siden

    I think Cory will win His big competition is Tyler and Coby Tyler-The bounce will go to low the higher the drop Coby-the fall after the vertex impact will fall one time

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    I think Garrett will win because of the parachute.

  • The Argentino
    The ArgentinoDag siden

    weren't ty and ned the same person? never has been

  • xPure_ komplice
    xPure_ kompliceDag siden

    Garrets parachute

  • Trevor Beckenhauer
    Trevor BeckenhauerDag siden

    cory is gonna win the egg drop.

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    23 timer siden

    @Trevor Beckenhauer Garrett is the only one with a parachute

  • Trevor Beckenhauer

    Trevor Beckenhauer

    Dag siden

    @Joey Kessler what happens if it lands upside down?

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    No Garrett will. Cory will probably get 2nd or 3rd

  • Infinity Net
    Infinity NetDag siden

    Cool not cool we miss you

  • RaG3 _Gboy
    RaG3 _GboyDag siden


  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojoDag siden

    “Hockey’s not a sport” My heart hurts (Redeemed by Mighty Ducks tho)

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    Dag siden

    Ty now: Why did we wait so long to do this show? Not Top Ten Ty in 5-10 years:

  • MrSaxAsian
    MrSaxAsianDag siden

    Who else wants judge Judy in the next episode

  • The Pizza Life
    The Pizza LifeDag siden

    Wait so the game show guy isnt ty?? Confused

  • Taehoon


    Dag siden

    @Joey Kessler sorry its hard to tell through just text

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    @Taehoon my comment was satirical. And no I'm not in first grade.

  • Taehoon


    Dag siden

    @Joey Kessler bro no they arent are you in first grade?

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    @Taehoon no they are actually different people.

  • Taehoon


    Dag siden

    he is but its a recording trick. so they use a green screen and they are both recorded at different times so that then they can both be on the set at once in the video.

  • Ben Vollmer
    Ben VollmerDag siden

    Bruh I thought the wheel unfortunate guy was tyler

  • Tyler Shimozono
    Tyler ShimozonoDag siden

    I thought Cody got wheel 2 times. The spray tan one in overtime 1 and the swim a mile in some other overtime? Lemme know if I'm wrong.

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    @FortsIBuild yes

  • FortsIBuild


    Dag siden

    The swim a mile was a betcha

  • Mr Quacky
    Mr QuackyDag siden


  • Connor wilson
    Connor wilsonDag siden

    I think they forgot ostrich eggs are like four times stronger than normal chicken eggs

  • Ádám Carlaw
    Ádám CarlawDag siden

    Can you do Among Us for Game Time?

  • diamond boy gaming
    diamond boy gamingDag siden

    they changed the title like 10 times

  • Sean Regan
    Sean ReganDag siden

    Next fight scene video please do harry potter wand battle

  • Max Levine
    Max LevineDag siden


  • Alon Korenblit
    Alon KorenblitDag siden

    I thik ger is gonna win

  • Alon Korenblit

    Alon Korenblit

    Dag siden

    @Joey Kessler exactly

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    Me too because of the parachute

  • rishabh sharma
    rishabh sharmaDag siden


  • Braydan Bylsma
    Braydan BylsmaDag siden

    I think Cory’s balloon egg is going to win!

  • YODA
    YODADag siden

    i like how everyone is wearing white shoes except cory

  • Vince Tristan Chy

    Vince Tristan Chy

    10 timer siden

    How did you notice that?

  • Benjo Smith
    Benjo SmithDag siden

    I’m going with Garrett

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    The parachute is the best part of his design


    Y’all should do a trick shot video with coilz

  • Joni Walton
    Joni WaltonDag siden

    Are you going to do mail time anytime soon.

  • Aadil Masoom
    Aadil MasoomDag siden

    Cory will win

  • Jon Helmer
    Jon HelmerDag siden

    garret or ty will win

  • Oliver Ernstsen
    Oliver ErnstsenDag siden

    I love dude perfect

  • YoutubeBadBoy
    YoutubeBadBoyDag siden


  • Lisa Curnow
    Lisa CurnowDag siden

    Come on ty i believe in you

  • Aimee's Bags
    Aimee's BagsDag siden

    I think baloons

  • Family Ever After
    Family Ever AfterDag siden


  • Mike Kirchhoff
    Mike KirchhoffDag siden

    Just do ot 26

  • Ghxst Zeesha
    Ghxst Zeesha2 dager siden

    In the first segment how are there two ty's

  • Joey Kessler

    Joey Kessler

    Dag siden

    Ty and Ned are different people

  • Shadow Foxy
    Shadow Foxy2 dager siden

    Sorry I be in the TT team but I vote the purple hoser

  • Shaurya Garg
    Shaurya Garg2 dager siden

    They changed the name like 5 times